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Vote for Cosmopolis in TIFF Film Circuit People’s Choice Award

Se vivete  o avete parenti in Canada è possibile votare per il film al TIFF People’s Choice Awards.

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There is still a lot of praise for Robert Pattinson’s Cosmopolis around and we feel sure this great film deserves to win some more awards and credit. If you live in Canada you can vote for the film at the TIFF People’s Choice Awards.

Now is your chance to select the top film of 2012!

Just tell us your favourite Film Circuit release of the past year. The Canadian film that receives the most votes will be presented with the Film Circuit People’s Choice Award: Canadian Film Category. The international film with the most votes is honoured with the Film Circuit People’s Choice Award: International Film Category.

The Film Circuit People’s Choice Awards for 2011, as voted by our Film Circuit audiences, went to Richard J. Lewis’s Barney’s Version (Best Canadian Film) and Tom Hooper’s The King’s Speech (Best International Film). One lucky voter will be eligible to win $500 for entering.

Click here to vote for Cosmopolis as ‘Best Canadian Film’

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