sabato 19 febbraio 2011

Robert Pattisnon l'uomo meglio vestito per GQ

Robert Pattinson è stato nominato miglior uomo dell'anno meglio vestito dall'edizione britannica della rivista "GQ".
La star di "Twilight" si è trovato a concorrere con nomi del calibro di David Beckham e Tom Ford (due che la moda la fanno) e accaparrarsi la vetta ambita.

Articolo originale

Robert Pattinson has been named best-dressed man of the year by the British edition of “GQ” magazine.

The “Twilight” star bet off stiff competition from the likes of David Beckham and Tom Ford to land the coveted spot.

The London-born actor is famous for his messy hair and hipster style, but does spruce up well for his black tie event appearances.

Stable items in his wardrobe include Gucci tailored suits, flannel shirts and leather jackets ... and how could we forget the mandatory beanie hat!

However, despite his demure appearances on the catwalk the star has taken the grungy look too far in the past, wearing shaggy outfits that almost make him unrecognizable.

We say keep that stylist in hand Rob, you may be gorgeous but no need to try and work the hobo look!


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